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GrizzlyRock wins 2015 AI: Hedge Fund Awards

Acquisition International Magazine, the UK based publication which provides perspectives from industry leaders on nearly all facets of global corporate finance, has recently named the winners for its 2015 Hedge Fund Awards. GrizzlyRock Capital is honored and proud to announce that it has won in the following categories: Best Asset Manager in Credit & Equity […]

InvestPitch 2014 Presentation

Kyle Mowery, founder and managing partner, returns to InvestPitch and presents a new investment idea. As at Top Performer from InvestPitch 2013, Kyle is invited to return for the second annual event, hosted by Institutional Investor and SumZero at Bloomberg Tradebook’s headquarters in New York.

Kyle Mowery quoted in Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network’s Donna Fuscaldo takes and expanded look into “Fear of missing out” (FOMO) and its potential to motivate rash investment decisions. GrizzlyRock founder and managing partner, Kyle Mowery, stresses the importance of rational thinking and a disciplined approach. These building blocks can help investors conquer the all too common pitfalls of our natural […]

Chris Ricciardi quoted in Private Asset Managment

Kelsey Butler’s feature article “The new guard” in February 2014’s Private Asset Management explores the gravitation of high-new-worth investors to new and emerging managers. GrizzlyRock managing partner, Chris Ricciardi, evaluates how new talent can offer a fresh perspective.

Kyle Mowery quoted in Forbes

Maggie McGrath of Forbes reviews competition questions surrounding the announcement of Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable. GrizzlyRock founder and managing partner, Kyle Mowery, expresses his views around the remaining process and perspectives from both sides of the table.

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